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Events MAURO REI Ambassadors of Taste

Appointments and Events 2018

Turin, every 1th Sunday of the month-p.za Palazzo di Città

Genoa, every Saturday and Sunday of the 2th week of the month-p.za Matteotti

Brovello Carpugnino, 25 April 2018-Cattle Fair

Oleggio, 1st may 2018-Agricultural Fair

Champoluc, every Friday from the end of June to the end of August, p. Zza del Mercato-Weekly market

Casale Monferrato, 3rd and 4th weekend of September, Wine and Monferrato festival

Milan, 2th Sunday of October, via Paolo Sarpi-October D.O.C.

Moncalvo, 3a and 4th Sunday of October, truffle festival

Murisengo, 2nd and 3th Sunday of November-Truffle fair

Imperia, 2nd weekend of November, Oneglia-Olioliva