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Events MAURO REI Ambassadors of Taste

Appointments and Events 2018

Turin, every 1th Sunday of the Palazzo di Città

Genoa, every Saturday and Sunday of the 2th week of the Matteotti

Brovello Carpugnino, 25 April 2018-Cattle Fair

Oleggio, 1st may 2018-Agricultural Fair

Champoluc, every Friday from the end of June to the end of August, p. Zza del Mercato-Weekly market

Casale Monferrato, 3rd and 4th weekend of September, Wine and Monferrato festival

Milan, 2th Sunday of October, via Paolo Sarpi-October D.O.C.

Moncalvo, 3a and 4th Sunday of October, truffle festival

Murisengo, 2nd and 3th Sunday of November-Truffle fair

Imperia, 2nd weekend of November, Oneglia-Olioliva