Mauro Rei


If it is your first time in Monferrato, it is your chance to discover a really fascinating land and spend a wonderful weekend in it.

Just fifteen km from Sala Monferrato, you can find the Sacred Mount of Crea, which is itselfUNESCO heritage and a privileged destination for many devote people, who since the middle ages go there on a pilgrimage to ask for the protection of the Blessed Virgin of Crea. In Crea there is also a beautiful natural park: the ideal setting to spend some great time outdoors.

Near Sala, there lies the ancient capital of Monferrato, Casale Monferrato, with its wonderful1200’s Romanic cathedral, with its baroque synagogue (the so called Palelogy’scastle), one of the most ancient monuments of the city, and with the Bistolfi’sgypsotec, containing important works of Piedmont and Lombardy’s art and history. In the town centre is also the famous cookies-shop Krumiri,known all over the world.

About forty km far from our town is Castelnuovo Don Bosco, birth-place of the famous Catholic saint, who was raised among Monferrato’s vineyards. Don Bosco will found his educative system on the principles inherited from Monferrato’s culture: work, religion, family love and support. Every year, Colle don Bosco (as the place is also named)receives thousands of visitors, who come to visit the places where one of the greatest saints in history lived his youth.

Last, but not least, once you are in Monferrato, you can taste the typical dishes of Piedmont’s cuisine: bollito, fritto misto, carpaccio, ravioli, bagna caoda, bunet, always accompanied by delicious wines.

Monferrato’s main attraction, however, is of course its landscape, especially during spring and autumn, which are characterized by a mild and pleasant climate; the count less gradations of spring flowers and of autumn leaves, together with the sweetness of curving hills, are something absolutely awesome to admire: they really open the spirit to something greater and give you a peace that only nature can grant. Monte Rosa’s alpine chain on the background looks so close, as if you could touch it. The woods’ silence, birds’ twitter and the vastness of vineyards, as far as eye can see, are a paradise that you have to experience almost once in your life. Come to visit us!