Mauro Rei

The Firm

Set in the heart of Monferrato Casalese, our firm offers high-quality wines, bringing on your table the taste of Piedmont’s lands. It has about 30 hectares of vineyards and 50 cultivated fields, but the name is known mainly for wines sold throughout northern Italy. Our land and facilities are located in a little town, Sala Monferrato, surrounded by the wonderful hills of Monferrato, which were declared UNESCO world heritage in 2014. Our winery offers a wide range of products that can satisfy all kind of clients.

The Rei’s family

Our firm is family-run. Mauro, the title holder, is in charge of the vineyards’ cultivation and of the wine’s production. Mauro, the title holder, is in charge of the vineyards’ cultivation and of the wine’s production. Laura, responsible for the wine sales in many important Italian markets, and by his two sons, Alberto, agronomist and assistant in every production sector, and Alessandro, oenologist, now main in charge of marketing and communication, and salesman in Rome.


60 Years history

It’s hard to say with precision in which years our ancestors came to own the first parcel of land cultivated with vineyards. We know for sure, though, that the firm was born with the union of our grandfathers’ families’ lands, with their marriage in the 1960’s. Their first activity was growing and selling grapes to other wine-producing companies.

It was Giuseppe, Mauro’s father, who first decided to start independent wine production and sale. The “Azienda Agricola Rei Giuseppe” was then born.At the beginning, it owned only about seven hectares of land. Thirty years later, during the 1990’s, the firm passed on to Mauro, who considerably increased the vineyards and began bottling wine.

He also changed the company’s name into Azienda Agricola Mauro Rei. In the year 2000 he achieves to build new wine-making facilities, on the top of a close by hill, where they are still today. Currently the company has about 32 hectares of vineyards and 50 of fields cultivated with wheat, barley, soybean, sunflower. Nowadays the firm owns about thirty hectares of vineyards and about fifty of wheat, barley, soy and sunflower fields. We succeed to produce about 200.000 litres of wine per year.